Test Handlers & Manipulators

•stand-alone version
•ergonomic design for facilitated inserting/removing counterbalance weight plates
•high range of motion in x- and y-axes
•maximum range of motion in z-axes for facilitated positioning under handler
•active cable management - optional
•theta motion
•durable and robust design
•optimized footprint for various test heads
•numerous additional, unique features for individual set-up requirements
•choice of compatible test heads

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Knight Auto

Tooling Kits

Knight Auto is the leading tooling and solutions provider for the semiconductor industries.
 We specialised in the design and manufacturing of high end precision tooling, parts and specialised solutions mainly for the semiconductor backend and assembly industries.
 The following is the portfolio of the products and services that Knight Auto provides:
 - Conversion Kits
 - Docking Solutions
 - Sockets and Manual Actuators
 - Ball Mount Tool

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All-in-one Desktop ATE

* 14 electronic lab instruments, 8"x8"x6" box.
* Precision SMU's, DVM, I2C, SPI, Digital IO, etc.
* PC/Mac GUI's & API's (Java, Python, C++) via wifi ... or stand-alone Linux (GUI, C, Python).

Applications include:

  • ATE with handler, bins, datalogs, & summaries
  • Reliability and burn-in testing
  • System & component characterization
  • General-purpose lab work, remote datalogger

Omega Test Technologies

Test Systems

OTT is a Finnish fast-growing high-tech company offering semiconductor automatic test equipment and a wide spectrum of ATE associated products and services for the global semiconductor industry.

Omega Test Technologies is happy to provide complete turn-key solutions for any type of semiconductor tests:

  • Manual package test, incl. use of temperature inducing systems
  • Automated package test, incl. use of various test handlers
  • Wafer test, incl. use of various manual and automated wafer probers


Production Line Testers

Mixed Signal Testers

Established in 1995, PLT began manufacturing the IR3000 IrDA Transceiver test system for several different companies.
PLT manufactures turnkey ATE and PXI instrumentation modules for the electronics industry. Applications include benchtop, automated test and measurement, R&D, QA as well as production manufacturing.
Focused on providing economical, user-friendly, optimally configured IC testers, each system comes ready-to-test.

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Mini Zap

Back Plane


Thermo Fisher

ESD Simulator

The MiniZap-15 ESD Simulator from Thermo Fisher Scientific is designed to prevent damage to sensitive electronic products.
Electrostatic discharge, or ESD, is one of the major causes of device failures in the electronics industry.  OEMs can meet international regulatory requirements such as CE Marking while improving product quality and reliability. The Minizap is a handheld, self-contained tester featuring a constant voltage ESD simulator design that feeds back, monitors and protects against multiple ESD events. 

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Cable and Harness Testing

For over 40 years, WEETECH has developed and produced test systems for cables, harnesses, back planes, electronic parts and components.
Their test systems are based on a modular system architecture and can be specifically populated to the customers testing requirements through different hardware combinations.
WEETECH set the standards across  the Automotive, Rail, Aerospace & Electronic Industries.