Cylindrical Cell Contacting Unit


Control Unit

Prismatic or Pouch Adapting Unit

All-In-One Solution for Battery Cell Quality Assurance

ExaMight uses SAFION’s innovative Real-Time EIS process for highly precise and ultra-fast cell evaluation and handles all aspects of battery quality assurance for you.
From incoming inspection or end-of-line testing of cells to interconnection to modules.

  • Cylindrical, Prismatic or Pouch
  • Precise prediction of battery performance and lifetime in 1 second
  • Continuous monitoring of the incoming battery quality
  • ┬áReal-Time EIS Measurement
  • In-Depth battery quality analysis
  • Robust design for Production environments
  • Measurement of 32 impedance points in 1 second
  • Stand-Alone or in-line Test capabilities

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Cell Grading

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