Dr Schenk

Inspection and Measurement

All of the developments made by Dr. Schenk are based on two complementary fundamental principles: quality control and process monitoring.

  • Quality control provides the data to facilitate decisions for an optimal combination of efficiency and quality. In that way, manufacturing processes can be checked and adjusted towards the goal of an absolutely perfect product
  • Process monitoring improves the efficiency and stability of corresponding procedures on the basis of measurement values, without putting the quality standard at risk.

The core performance features of Dr. Schenk systems are:

  • Detecting surface defects and mapping localized imperfections of materials
  • Measuring the mechanical and optical characteristics of materials
  • Rapid and precise analyzing of measurement values

In summary, Dr. Schenk systems are ideally suited to 100% surface quality control and process monitoring of materials moving at high speeds at modern, highly efficient manufacturers.


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