MicroAssembly Technologies

Model 6400

Model 6410

Highly Accurate Die Attach System

Flexible, fully automatic die attach system

  • Available either installed on its own bench or as “Table-Top”
  • Capable of cold and hot processes for MCM, Flip Chip, Eutectic, and Ultrasonic assemblies
  • Very high placement accuracy of 3 microns @3 sigma
  • Handles active and passive components from 0.2 mm upto 25 mm
  • Pick from up to thirty 2″ or up to nine 4″ Waffle or Gel Pak carriers
  • Pick from Wafers upto 300mm
  • Pick from upto 12 Tape & Reel feeders
  • Unusual die sizes and aspect ratios
  • Volumetric or time-pressure dispenser applies adhesive in programmable shapes
  • Stamping applies adhesive dots as small as 75 microns
  • Full Flip Chip capability including chip flipping, bump fluxing and chip final alignment via look-up camera
  • Handles CCD (sensors), LCD’s, MEMS and other sensitive devices
  • Unique die stacking capability with programmable Bond Line Thickness (BLT)

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For Dispensing & Stamping

Designed for high flexibility, programming and operation

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Very large Work area (20″ x 12″) allows handling large PC boards
  • Dispensing and Stamping of different adhesives, flux and other materials
  • Cold and Heated substrate holders handling a wide variety of substrates including PCB’s
  • Silicon Wafers, Ceramic Substrates, Carriers with Single Packages
  • Very High Accuracy
  • High resolution Digital Vision and Image Processing
  • Underfill dispensing process for Flip Chip applications


  • Dual Magnification camera for Substrate alignment with 20 mm travel and Auto Focus
  • Stamping of less than 75 µm diameter adhesive dots
  • Dot size range from: 0.1 mm
  • Placement Accuracy: 10 μm @ 3 sigma
  • Throughput – up to 3,600 dots/hour

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