WK 260 – Low Voltage

All-in-One Cable and Function Tester

Tests cables and harnesses, electrical components/sub-assemblies.
Connections, shorts, components, switches, relays.

  • Fast test speed through the usage of new technologies and new test algorithms
  • Test point cards protected against external voltages
  •  Switching of voltages up to 50 V for functional test of relays and electronic components
  • Accurate measurement down to 20 mOhm
  • Expansion to up to 20,000 test points possible
  • Extensive diagnostic options for generator, measurement devices, test points, external voltages and LEDs
  • Serial, parallel & USB interfaces
  • Stand-alone or PC driven

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W 434 – Low & High Voltage

Comprehensive & Flexible Tester

Modular test system can be upgraded in the field via firmware to quickly adapt to customer demand.
i.e. Low voltage, High voltage (upto 1,500Vdc), A/C (upto 1,060Vac).
Functional tests of sub-assemblies and components across all industries.

  • Broad variety of tests: low voltage, high voltage, functional test
  • Future-proof decision: hardware extension by firmware upgrade
  • Extension to up to 6,656 test points with ETE 434 expansion units possible
  • Programmable current source up to 1 A
  • External generators for functional tests up to 60 VDC / 25 VAC
  • RLC, Four terminal measurement options

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W 484 – High Voltage

The tester for high voltage components for the e-mobility industry

Especially for the testing of high voltage cable harnesses and components for electric and hybrid vehicles, WEETECH has developed the new W 484 Test System.
It meets the requirements of the industry standard LV 123*.
The high voltage source with voltages up to 4,300 Vdc / 3,000 Vac is current limited to a maximum of 3.8 mA and considered as safe to touch according to DIN EN 50191.

  • LV 123* compliant test system with voltages up to 4,300 Vdc / 3,000 Vac
  • Non-hazardous voltages according to DIN EN 50191 due to current limitation to 3.8 mA
  • Compact 19-inch housing in 3 different sizes


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W 454 – High Voltage

Modular High Voltage Tester

Modular test system can be upgraded in the field to adapt to customer demand. High voltage upto 5,000Vdc / 3,600Vac.
Functional tests of sub-assemblies and components across all industries, predominantly aerospace & rail.

  • Almost unlimited number of test points in a distributed matrix (upto 500,000 test points possible)
  • Programmable power-/current supplies with up to 3 A
  • Various generators for high current applications up to 25 A
  • Modular system architecture for an optimised adaptation to the test requirements
  • Exact resistance measurement from 3 mOhm
  • Protective earth or high current tests with up to 25 A
  • Tests of harnesses with operational voltages higher than 25 VAC / 60 VDC

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