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F&K Delvotec offer 2 types of interconnection technology:
Wirebonding - Ultrasonic & thermo-compression bonding
Laserbonding - Wirebonding using a Laser instaed of Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic Bonding is tried and tested but has its limitations, when bonding higher gauge materials >600micron. This is because you simply cannot transfer enough energy into the 2 materials to be friction welded, using ultrasonic methods.

Whatever your bonding requirements, F&K Delvotec have the solution.......

G5 – the first fully automatic all-in-one bonder in the World

Compact, space saving G5 Wirebonder can be converted to any current Wire Bond process by swapping bond heads in the field to suit your specific application.

Benefits of the G5 platform:

  • Suitable for all wirebond technologies, fine wire, gold ball, deep access & heavy wire/ribbon
  • Quick and simple bond head changeover in under 30 minutes
  • Freely programmable loop shapes
  • Continuous monitoring and control of the bond process - patented Bond Process Control (BPC 2000)
  • Bond parameters stored/wire and presented to an SQL database
  • Multiple possibilities for automation from manual to in-line
  • Frequency from 30KHz - 250KHz
  • Transducers from 40KHz - 145KHz
  • Cognex 8000 (PatMax, Pat Quick)
  • Accuracy, repeated positioning of 3µm @ 3 Sigma
  • Resolution under 0.1 Pixel
  • Post Bond Inspection software

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M17 – Best in Class

Based on the successful G5 platform, F&K Delvotec have developed this new production based line in association with their parent company 'Strama MPS'.
The result, an award winning ultrasonic wire bonder.
Reduced footprint, lighter & smaller bond heads with less inertia, enclosed mechanics for a safer working environment, increased mass for vibration control and stability, over 500 data points/bond offering greater traceability, the list goes on......

  • Suitable for all wire bond technologies
  • Quick and simple changeover in under 15 minutes
  • Continuous monitoring and control of the bond process with the patented Bond Process Control
  • Multiple possibilities for automation from manual to in-line

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M17-D – the first dual head wirebonder on a single chassis

Fully automatic, compact wire bonder 2017-D was adapted for the special requirements of mass production of power semiconductors and power modules in the automotive industry. It is the only wirebonder on the market offering the possibility to bond fine and heavy wire or heavy ribbon in a single machine.


  • Combination of fine and heavy wire/ribbon on a single platform
  • Wire from 17 to 600µm, ribbon from 2µm x 300µm
  • Rapid and easy bond head conversion in under 30 minutes
  • Continuous monitoring and control of the bond process - patented Bond Process Control (BPC 2000)
  • Comprehensive automation from manual to in-line solutions
  • In-head pull tester for non-destructive test of heavy wire bonds
  • In-line pull tester for rapid test of low wire count components such as lead frames, without slowing the production process.

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M17-L – the perfect all-rounder

It doesn’t get any more flexible than this: the fully automatic wire bonder F & K Model 2017 L not only boasts the largest working area for thin wire bonders. It can also be reconfigured with bond heads for deep access, heavy wire or heavy ribbon. Add to that an enormous range of automation options for manual handling, single- or double-track feeding systems or even combined manual and automatic parts handling. And all of this comes in variants for up to 500 mm height clearance for very tall components.


  • Platform suitable for all current wire bond technologies
  • Wire diameters from 17 to 600 µm, ribbons up to 2,000 x 300 µm cross-section
  • Simple and rapid changeover of bond head within 15 minutes
  • Very large work area: 635 mm (X) x 350 mm (Y), 100 mm (Z); 25“ x 14“
  • Continuous monitoring and real-time control of the bond process using patented Bond Process Contol 
  • Large range of automation from manual to in-line, also combined or dual-lane
  • Variants for extremely tall parts, up to 500 mm clearance

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G5-XL – the first wire bonder with a working area of almost one square metre

With the XL wire bonder, as so often in the past, F&K Delvotec accomplished innovative pioneering work.
The largest work area in the world enables bonding of large components such as battery modules for electro-vehicles or solar concentrator cells (CPV).

Despite the large travelling distance the robotic arm remains vibration free and is positioned with micron accuracy.


  •  Largest work area on the market: 1.130 mm (X) x 700 mm (Y); 44" x 27"
  • Robotic arm moves the bond head completely vibration-free over the full working area
  • Access to the work area from all sides enables manual loading
  • Simple and rapid changeover of bond head within 30 minutes
  • Continuous monitoring and control of the bond process using Bond Process Contol (BPC 2000)
  • Comprehensive automation from manual to in-line solutions

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Laserbonder – the worlds first laser wirebonder

A unique and ground-breaking Laserwelding technology from F&K Delvotec. Revolutionising and re-thinking the way in which we make interconnects. Combining the World or Ultrasonic wirebonding and Laserwelding --> Laserbonding!
Staying ahead in Bonding Technology.

This completely new process, based on laser micro-welding, is particularly suitable for joining wire onto battery terminals and onto DCB substrates and copper terminals in power electronics modules. US-laser bonding enables the use of higher gauge ribbon bonding for much higher current capacity processes.

In power electronics the physiscal current carrying capacity limit using wire bonding will be reached at some point. With laser welding, connections of virtually any thickness can be joined but it is currently less flexible due to the requirement for pre-manufactured connectors.

Operating closely with the Fraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik (ILT) and S&K Systemtechnik, within the framework of the joint project RoBE (Robustness for Bonds in E-vehicles), supported by the federal ministry for education and research (BMBF), F&K Delvotec developed a technology that brought the best of both worlds.

US-Laser bonding, offering aluminium and copper wire to be bonded onto DCB substrates and copper terminals not only expands the application area of bonding technology, it is also more robust than conventional wire bonding.
This allows secure and flexible connections of the terminals in battery manufacture and make the handling of connector strips superfluous.


  • New possibilities for precise and reproducible joining of copper or aluminium wire.
  • Processing connectors and bonding wires with a diameter up to 500µm
  • A robust process enables simple and cost-efficient electronic manufacturing
  • Lower demands on surface quality, cleaning processes and rigidity of work pieces compared to wire bonding
  • Bonding onto new surfaces and with new materials

If you are Bonding Batteries, you should be looking at Laserbonding!
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