Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms


Clean Rooms International is a designer and builder of cleanrooms and a wide variety of cleanroom components, workstations and air-handling equipment.

Their products are sold to a wide variety of industries across the globe.  In addition to standard products shown in their catalogue, they also offer a wide flexibility to meet unique and unusual needs.  From concept to completion, the high level of customer service experienced from working with CRI is unparalleled in the industry.


Custom Engineering


SiTEST Ltd are fortunate enough to boast a comprehensive design and manufacturing service.
This means we can usually deliver a one-stop-shop solution to the customer if desired.
Typical applications:

  • 3-D modelling
  • Design/Manufacture of top-plates for wire bonders
  • Interface cables / adapter modules for test equipment
  • Bespoke framework for inspection systems

If you are unsure how to implement a process, we can also offer consultancy if desired.
Similarly, we can de-commission, move and install existing equipment on request.

Used Equipment

We currently have the following equipment in stock:

  • F&K Delvotec automatic wedge bonder from F&K Delvotec (6400 model)
  • F&K Delvotec automatic ball bonder from F&K Delvotec (6200 model)
  • Variety of digital generators from F&K Delvotec
  • WEETECH - WK140 low voltage portable tester