Inspection, AOI and CMM Solutions for:

  • Wafer and Diced Wafer Inspection
  • Wafer Bump Inspection
  • Wire-bond Inspection
  • Automotive and Power Devices
  • Military and Aerospace RF Modules
  • Power Devices
  • Microelectronics
  • Packaging and BGA

Die and Wire Bond Inspection – MVP 900 Series

MVP’s 900 inspection techniques include high-resolution telecentric imaging, quad colour lighting, and 3D techniques to provide the maximum defect, and measurement capabilities for Die and Wire Bond inspection. For in-line operations, single and dual lane options are also available to quickly process microelectronic assemblies.

MVP also provide many material handling configurations for the 900 AOI system including magazine lifters, tray handling and other custom solutions.

Key Features:

  • Automated Wafer Inspection upto 300mm
  • Die Placement Metrology
  • Die Surface, Edge Crack Detection
  • Epoxy Spread and Flow Measurement
  • Au, Al, Ag, and Cu Wires to 1um Resolution
  • Wedge, Ball, and Stitch Wire Bonds
  • Crescent, and Tape Bonds
  • SMT Components


  • Single or Dual Lane Operation
  • Optional 3D Epoxy Height Measurement
  • AutoWidth
  • Multiple Handling Solutions
  • Custom Handling Solutions

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SPI & SMT Inspection – Versa

The Versa uses 3D Technology and MVP’s advanced colour detection system to allow the user to benefit from a superb detection range using advanced visualisation techniques. Flexibility is key, allowing for 3D metrology capability for SPI, Pre-Reflow, or Post-Wave Inspection.

Key Features:

  • SPI and SMT Inspection
  • Laser Profiler and Projector Technologies
  • Fast Easy-to-Use Programming Tools
  • Measurement based AOI
  • High Throughput
  • 01005 Solder Joint Inspection

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Die Wire Metrology System – DWMS

Automated Optical Inspection for Lead Frame, Die, Epoxy & Wire Inspection

Key Features:

  • Highest UPH in Industry
  • Lead Frame Gripper Transport
  • Multiple Defect Handling Options
  • Au, Al, Ag & Cu Wires
  • Wedge, Ball & Stitch Bonds
  • Crescent & Tape Bonds
  • Die Placement, Die Surface & Edge Damage
  • Epoxy Flow & Spread
  • Foreign Objects & Scratches
  • Class 100 Clean Room Option

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