Omega Test Technologies

SATURN is a semiconductor automatic test system with a true-parallel “tester-per-channel” flexible architecture. Its proven industry-standard mechanical structure, software and hardware flexibility and compatibility with any known test-handlers/wafer-probers bring exceptionally low cost of ownership and high efficiency of use.

Process application area:

  • High volume production test
  • Research and development activities
  • Wafer level and package level test with direct docking to a handler/prober

Device under test application area:

  • Digital ICs  (microprocessors, microcontrollers, standard logic ICs, FPGAs, PLDs, etc.);
  • Memory ICs  (RAM, ROM, FLASH, etc.);
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Analog ICs (various amplifiers, voltage regulators, etc.)
  • Mixed-signal ICs (ADC/DAC – with the help of external measurements units)

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